Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy 4th Birthday Blog!!! Today is Anna's Cool Finds 4th birthday! I never expected it to turn into such a passion! This post will make 593!

I also wanted to let my friends and readers know that my Dad has had a lifelong dream of traveling to Alaska, and we'll be setting sail on the Dawn Princess from Sunday for a tour of the panhandle. When I found out that there is wireless Internet access on board, I was quite excited. However, I just checked into all the details, and think that at 75 cents a minutes, my computer or theirs, I will just have to take a break from my blogging until I return. I also checked with my T-Mobile as I have Internet access with them as well, and it is 49 a minute roaming charge to use the phone, and only one hot-spot near the Juneau airport. So I will be disconnecting from the modern world, but I will be taking my Canon Rebel XTi camera and will post some (hopefully) dazzling photos when I return.


Kalyn said...

Wow, four years!! That's very impressive. Have a great time on the cruise. I think it might be what my mother would call "a blessing in disguise" that the internet access is so expensive. Just relax and have fun.

Doug Cress said...

That is impressive in the blogosphere, Anna. Congratulations. Look forward to the next four :)

Elle said...

Happy, happy blog birthday dear Anna. Hope you blog another 4 or more :)
Also hope your trip with your Dad is wonderful. Can't wait to see the photos.