Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Taqueria Maria

Casual Mexican.
On Fifth Street in San Rafael a happy Taqueria has been quietly serving up good food for years. It was time to blog about Taqueria Maria. I've been here any number of times, but more often in pre-blogging days.

Grilled Chicken Taco

Dad ordered a grilled chicken taco which also came with chips and salsa (not pictured). His only complaint was that there was so much filling, he couldn't fold it and eat it without losing a great deal of the succulent pieces. He liked it though, and used a fork to pick up all the left behind pieces that landed in the basket.

Grilled Chicken Tostada

I had quite an interesting exchange with the man taking the orders. I wanted to ascertain the part of the chicken being grilled, and he kept dodging the question - "It's grilled chicken", pointing to the grill in the background, "We cook the chicken on the grill". Great, but what kind of chicken is it white or dark meat?".. "Oh.. it's grilled chicken", he replies smiling. "Breast meat or thigh?", I respond with lessening confidence in my voice. He answers, "White meat", then looking down, "it's white meat with a li--ttle bit of dark", he said, showing me a thumb and index finger held just slightly apart. "Oh,", I said, "then it's not white meat". Sighing, he says "Lady, it's white meat". I order it. I can't tell. I suspect its mixed, but mostly dark. However its good! I'll be back!

Note from the Dawn Princess: I was able to find non-roaming connection for my phone in Victoria, B.C. yesterday, so made the post on My Tofu House, but dared not try modifying it on my cell phone. Dad & I have had a marvelous trip, Skagway and Victoria both held their charms. The staff on board has been fabulous, and my Dad is already asking when we're going on the next cruise! I've some photos to share once I'm back and unpacked. We arrive tomorrow morning - early!


Anonymous said...

Please tell me where in Victoria you found non-roaming access. I'd like to read your blog while I'm there. I love your restaurant reviews, but I must admit I'm very excited to hear all about your trip.

Elle said...

So glad that your Dad enjoyed the trip and that you did, too. Can't wait to hear all about it.