Saturday, August 18, 2007

India Palace Restaurant

Evening in Lafayette.
I was attending a seminar in Lafayette, and found India Palace Restaurant tucked away in a corner nearby. Going here by impulse was a chance well worth taking as it has an extensive menu, dishes that are well-executed, and good service. If you are vegetarian, take note, this restaurant has quite a few interesting choices.

Chickpea crisp bread

As soon as I was seated, a couple crisp pappadam (chickpea flour breads) were served with condiments.

Missi Roti

After some consideration, I ordered some Missi Roti, bread make from graham flour, wheat flour, fenugreek, cardamom seeds and spices. It was close to cracker-like in crispness, but not quite. And it was delicious.

Paneer Malai Kabab

For the entree, I chose a vegetarian tandoori entree - Paneer Malai Kabab. These are very soft kababs made from minced homemade farmer's cheese, nuts, potatoes, chillies and vegetables. The crepe like coating held the vegetable mixture together, and it was served over a nice mix of vegetables, on a sizzling platter. This was an amazing medley of tastes which blended well for something quite unique. In fact this place has such interesting items, that I may well visit Lafayette again just to come here.


TasteTV : Life Never Tasted So good said...

I like the photos

Sarah C. said...

Oh its a cruel cruel world! When you said Lafayette I thought (because the world revolves around me) that you were posting about some ultra hidden find in Lafayette, INDIANA. Sadly, you werent.
I do love your blog though. Its amazing that you and Dad arent as big as barns the way you eat out! :)

Simona said...

Thanks Anna for the review of this restaurant, about which I have been wondering for quite some time. My husband and I were very attached to the Japanese restaurant that was in that location before, Miraku: they provided the food for our wedding reception. Hence, we were very sad to see it close down. I am glad that the current restaurant offers good food.

traderjanki said...

These dishes sound quite interesting. You're lucky- over on this coast, I think it's rare to find Indian restaurants serving creative cuisines unless they are uber expensive.