Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Average but authentic.
168 Restaurant is an average Taiwanese restaurant in the Ranch 99 Plaza in Richmond. Inexpensive and generally quick with uneven service.

Mango Ice

I was with Jo-Ann the last time I visited, and she ventured out for the Mango smoothie. She said it was good, but it came in a cracked glass, and they just poured it out of the cracked glass into another glass! (We saw). But they gave her an entirely new one when she asked a second time. It was a pretty major split in the glass so caution was of the essence.

Won Ton Soup

Jo-Ann was in a noodle mood, so had their beef noodle soup with vegetables and won tons. She said it was quite good.

Ma Po Tofu

I tried their spicy Szechuan to fu with ground pork - called Mapo tofu in most places. It was fine and had the right amount of heat for me. There were quite a number of those things falling into the authentic category: Pork Chitterling with Pork Blood Cake, Savoury Jelly Fish, and Simmered Pig Ear are a few of the possibilities for authentic eating.

In all, a good place when you are looking for inexpensive and reasonably good Chinese food, and can tolerate the uneven service.

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