Thursday, May 01, 2008

What would you have done?

Margarita Villa

I met Erika and the twins in Ventura for dinner and catch up. We thought we'd try Margarita Villa in Ventura Harbor. It certainly looked pleasant enough.

Magarita Villa stairs

We walked up the stairs and into the restaurant where we were instructed to sit anywhere we liked. We took a nearby table, and nearly instantly discovered that there were breadcrumbs on the 'clean' bread plates that our wrapped silverware was on, on all 4 of our plates. Checking the table ahead of us, it had gooey residue on the table not wiped up, although there were clean place settings on the table. Hmmm. Worried about the cleanliness of the place, we did something rare - we got up and walked out before ordering. Would you have, or grinned and born the questions running through your mind? Leave me a comment.


Anonymous said...

I would have DEFINITELY up and left. If they're not monitoring the tables, something guests can clearly see what does the kitchen look like? I just wouldn't take the chance. You did the right thing :-)

Zoomie said...

I'd run scared and never go back! But, I might mention it to the manager on my way out. S/he doesn't deserve the courtesy but the rest of the staff will suffer if the place goes under.