Monday, October 13, 2008

Leave with that glowing look

Table Cafe

I didn't intend to stop for dinner at Table Cafe in Larkspur, but if it's that time, you are in the neighborhood and emphasizing eating local, who would pass it up? Table Cafe exclusively uses only organic, local and sustainable produce. And you can taste it.


They've added a nice touch of a fresh pappadum treat for the table.

Limeade with Mint

Dad and I tried their limeade with mint. Although it was hard to pass up the ginger spritzer, or carrot and ginger juice. But we like trying new offerings. I loved how this was refreshing and smooth without being cloyingly sweet.

Mission Figs with Fresh Ricotta, Lavender and Honey

Seeing Mission figs with fresh ricotta, lavender and honey on the blackboard fresh list, loving figs the way I do, these were not to be resisted. And it was a good call. Dad and I enjoyed these fresh and refreshing bites with the surprise scent of lavender inside.

Smoked Wild Salmon with Grilled Fisee and Onions and aioli

My entree was the smoked wild salmon with grilled frisee and onions, and aioli. I had a side of apple-ginger-onion salsa with it. It was a wise pairing which was both interesting and satisfying. Unfortunately since this stop was so unscheduled, I had no camera other than my cell phone camera which can sometimes be quite unpredictable for quality. I took six blurry photos of Dad's marinated and grilled chicken breast with wilted spinach and got cheese with his condiment of avocado-orange salsa. It looked good and he liked it. These were both fusion style dosai. If one is inclined to meat, especially lamb, their lamb meatballs with parsley, pickled onions, cabbage and tahini is not to be missed. And one day I'm going to get here for brunch and try the scrambled farm eggs with curry spiced potatoes and spinach, dosai style.

Fresh Strawberry Scone and Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dad spied the sweets on the counter coming in and really wanted to sample. So we split a fresh creamy strawberry scone and luscious chocolate chip cookie. These were pure yum. All this while eating local, in more ways than one! I'm not sure if the glow when you leave is from all the health-giving foods, or the happiness of being treated to such pure and amazing taste combinations.

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