Thursday, October 09, 2008

Readers know their cukes!

Lemon Cucumber & Heirloom Tomato Salad

Thank you, Anna's readers for guessing what I am!

I was all dressed up for Halloween on one of those sunny days
when I was plucked by a gardener in Point Reyes
she was very amazed and gave me to Glen, her friend..........
Little did I know on Anna's blog is where I would end.

I thought I could fool folks by the way I looked
Thought they would not know what I am- and be rooked!
am I a tomato or a pumpkin small?
am I an orange or a lemon tall?

Did you ever know
I can be eaten like a tomato?
and I would be sooooooooo glad-
if added to your healthy salad?

I know how to make salsa sing
bring it to life-make it King!
.....or simply to be enjoyed as a snack-
When hiking, I fit nicely in your backpack.

So.........try as I might to be in my Halloween disguise...
You readers are just way, way too wise........
You are so cool and now have my number-
I am a cucumis sativus.....Lemon cucumber!

My seeds left to grow in the glorious earth
waiting for next season to re-birth
Lets see how I change and what I do
I will dress differently next Halloween! Boo!!!!!

-Jill Casad
Sebastopol, CA


Zoomie said...

Poetry! You never know what fun you're gonna find over at Anna's!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem! And I have not seen a cucumber like that :)