Friday, October 10, 2008

Nice atmosphere, good food

Thep Lela Thai

I circled back around to a neighborhood favorite, Thep Lela Thai in Mill Valley. The interior is still sparkly and has lovely Thai pieces gracing the walls. The service was prompt and quite friendly.

Salad & Thai Iced Tea

I ordered a Thai Iced Tea and the small crisp salad that goes with the lunches came with it nearly immediately.

Crab Noodles

I was happy to see what was previously a dinner special had moved onto the regular lunch menu, crab noodles. This light rice noodle dish was seasoned with tamarind sauce and green onions as well as lumps of crab. It was nicely portioned for lunch and a nice change of pace from more usual tastes.

Previously reviewed:
November 11, 2007

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