Saturday, October 18, 2008

New name, but same

Taste of Rome

Caffe Trieste is no longer in Marin. I understood that the new one in San Rafael had changed its name before opening, but had no idea it affected the one I enjoy in Sausalito as well. Then one day, the names were whited out, and when I joined my friend for tea here the other day, the new name was emblazoned all over the awning. The Taste of Rome has the same menu as before. I didn't check out the coffee, but the chai tasted as usual. It's a lovely place to hang out whatever the name.

Previously reviewed (As Caffe Trieste):
September 29, 2006

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cookiecrumb said...

Oh, wow. That kind of makes me not want to go back, though I don't know why.
Whah! Life goes on.