Monday, October 27, 2008

Quickish Food

Original Buffalo Wings

Dad & I were on 4th Street in San Rafael and were looking for quick and cheap. We thought we'd give Original Buffalo Wings a try.

Orignial Buffalo WIngs 2nd sign

It seems to have taken over two small places, the other shows its versatility with Philly Steak and Fish & Chips on the menu as well. However, chicken is their claim to fame.


The staff was very cheerful and welcoming. They came out from around the counter to help me with my father when they saw a struggle to balance all the pieces. We sat in the dining section in the "Philly Steak" sign side of the place. It was clear that although the place wasn't new, someone cared for it and kept it clean and neat. We were also given a time estimate, pretty accurately, of when our order would arrive.

Garden Burger

Dad vacillated between a hamburger of some type and a Garden Burger; he wasn't in the mood for chicken. He eventually chose the Garden Burger with a side of fries. The veggie patty was one of the largest I've seen, and Dad said it tasted good.

Fish & Fries

I went for the 2-piece Fish and Fries combination. It held a little more oil than I would like, but the batter had a little kick of flavor I couldn't identify, but liked. The above plus two small iced teas set us back nearly $18 plus tip. Not a fast food price. The friendly environment and efforts to be helpful would be what would call me back to this place.

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Greg said...

We get food delivered at work from them and it is usually good if not a little wilted.