Tuesday, October 28, 2008

An old favorite dish

La Maison de la Reine

On yesterday's dreary day in Marin, with the all day cloud cover and mist, I longed for an old favorite. And I'd just had a wonderful time talking over coffee with a good friend around the corner at Barnes & Noble's in-store Starbucks. And the coffee was free. Not far down the way is La Maison de la Reine.

Vegetarian Imperial Roll and Fried Tofu Vermicelli

I had to have the Vegetarian Imperial Roll and Fried Tofu Vermicelli. This is one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. The thin rice noodles are mixed with cut up fresh vegetables such as cucumber, lettuce and carrots, while topped with a number of goodies. I had the vegetarian version. You can read more about the versatile bun here. The staff was pleasant yet unobtrusive throughout, making it remain a great place to enjoy Vietnamese food in both atmosphere and taste.

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Catherine said...

I'll have to try this. I had the effplant and tofu last week and it was disappointing compared to previous visits. Time to shake it up!