Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cafe Papillon

Now I have butterflies... in the stomach.
Imagine catching up on your Marin IJ reading to find the restaurant you just reviewed (Cafe Papillon) had closed! The story is wrong in one respect -- it did not close in 2007 since I was there for breakfast a few days ago... but I did a drive-by at lunch yesterday, and found, indeed it is very closed. The story reported that a new place will open there in spring, World Coffee Cafe.

Bobby's Cafe

The good news is that the delicious Bobby's F'o'c's'le Cafe, is coming back to San Rafael in a different location and becoming Bobby's Cafe. It will be open for breakfast, lunch & dinner soon after Super Bowl is over. It is on 4th street without the water (at least until the next rain - ha!), but with breakfasts as good as theirs, it shouldn't make a difference. I took a photo of their new location at lunch yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Oh No. I really liked there Eggplant Sandwich.

chris said...

bad news:

I just visited Bobby's new location on 4th Street.

I really really wanted to LOVE this place, but I will never go back.

- slow service even though there was only 1 other table

- TERRIBLE pancakes! burned and obviously made from a mix ("just add water"). tasteless, awful.

- cheap, govt-grade bacon

- inattentive service.

I happened to be there when they got a food delivery. Seems everything they have is pre-made, like their pancake mix.

I will post a full-review on Yelp.