Friday, January 04, 2008

Neighbor's Roof Damage

Storm Update

Well, you've been probably reading the news to hear that the Richmond Bridge has been closed, as well as the tunnel to the Golden Gate Bridge and there is flooding on Hwy 101 especially near San Rafael. Also Golden Gate Transit has been stopped as well as ferry service. Certainly a good day to stay in!

Roof tile on back deck tabletop

At my house its continued to storm and have heavy wind gusts. The lead photo shows a patch of shingles missing on my neighbors home, where earlier this morning the patch had merely come loose and was flapping around like a bird's wing. I have tiles all over my back deck, one piece landing on my table.

Roof tile and flooding on my back deck

Another is on the back deck itself, which has started flooding, the drain is clear, so perhaps something is stuck below. I guess I'll have to go down and check when I brace myself after this short stint outside on the deck. My colleague who lives near Tam Valley is now landlocked, all roads around his home impassable. He also said the wind has broken a window, not by having something blown into it, but by sheer wind gust power!

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