Saturday, January 12, 2008


Addicting Lunch. No wonder they call it Sushiholic. With a beautiful and modern interior, and an extensive menu, Sushiholic certainly has made a splash on the Marin Japanese restaurant scene. Jo-Ann and I met for lunch there one rainy day recently.

Special Vegetable Mulitgrain Roll

I had to try the reputedly good multi-grain sushi, so I ordered the special vegetable multi-grain sushi roll. So unique, delicious and healthy! There was a cornucopia of vegetables stuffed inside this roll with the perfect blending of flavors and crunch to offset the soft yet flavor intense multi-grain sushi rice wrapping. Don't miss out on one of these when you are there.

Lunch Special w/Gyoza and Ginger Teriyaki Tofu

Jo-Ann heard that the gyoza were of a not-to-be-missed excellence so ordered these as part of her lunch special, which also included ginger teriyaki tofu, salad, miso and rice. The gingery tofu was the perfect foil for the indulgently fried gyoza. The pork and vegetable filled tender wrappings were as excellent as expected, the only disappointment was the salad, being just average.

Kitsune Soba

I had some hot kitsune soba as my main dish, which was topped with deep fried tofu pockets. Those were a little hot, so needed to be eaten carefully! The broth was a bit thin, but I perked it up by requesting some seven-spice powder. This is a place with promise, and I'll definitely come back to and try some more of their special menu items.

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