Monday, January 21, 2008

Rouge et Noir Clock

It's time! is being hosted here, with a round up in the next couple days, but first, I have to make a post on my corner of the world.

The Marin French Cheese Company seemed to be a very appropriate choice to blog about for this event since it is the oldest continuingly operated cheese factory in the United States!

Breakfast Cheese Explanation

I knew I found the product when I read the sign saying that the Breakfast Cheese started it all, being handmade since 1865, right here in Marin. And the milk comes from cows grazing here on the grass which has been fed by the sun in the same part of the sky that shines on my home as well. My Dad and I also tried one of the goat cheeses, which is made from Marin County goats milk too.

Marin French Cheese Company Pond

There is a lovely picnic ground next to the store.

Marin French Cheese Company Picnic

The grounds are spacious and have picnic tables near the pond, and also in back of the store in a lovely green field. There is a deli as well as all kinds of nice accompaniments to cheese, such as crackers, salamis, olives, and of course wine. There is seating inside as well, but if you want to enjoy the wine with your cheese, you'll have to have it outside.

Cheese snack

Because it is still January, although beautiful, it was too cold to sit outside, so Dad and I had our cheese snack in the deli area.

Breakfast Cheese

We had the famous Breakfast Cheese that started it all. It had a nice smooth texture, creamy but not too 'fatty' tasting. The proprietor who spoke several languages to visitors while I was there, noted to me that the Petit Dejeuner has basically the same flavor, but has added cream. A sample of that at the counter proved her correct.

Goat Chevre

We also tried the Yellow Buck Chevre. It was lovely and had that after-effect in the nose after each bite like a camembert.

Marin French Cheese Company Store

And what other treasures are there to be found in this rustic factory?

Brie & Camembert

Well besides the usual cutsie stuff (cow power aprons, etc.) there was a very inviting display of Rouge et Noir Brie cheeses with some champagne.


And some mild, spreadable quark in various flavors.

Les Petits

And Les Petits, including the Petit Dejeuner mentioned earlier. All in all, it was a beautiful day, a beautiful drive, and such a touch of localness in this delicious Marin French place. Stay tuned for a round up soon of the others who have contributed to this event.


Anonymous said...

I've envious! I love all types of cheese but we don't produce most of them locally. I especially love those fermented cheeses with bacteria and fungi.

Anonymous said...

I really like those fruit flavored spreads. I love coming here whenever I take a trip to Point Reyes.

Anonymous said...

The cheese factory looks beautiful. I'm so jealous. I wanted to jump into that picture and feed the ducks!

Funny - I just found out about WHB and saw you are hosting for next week. I will have to come up with something for you!

Laurie Constantino said...

What a fun trip to these cheese factory. I had no idea that there was cheese that had been continuously made for so long in Califonia, and now I'm glad I know it. Great post, thanks!