Tuesday, January 01, 2008

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Happy New Year!!

How are you celebrating? Did you enjoy a New Year's Eve party? Drink some champagne and kiss? I rang the New Year in with friends Jonathon & Toran (Jo-Ann stayed home with a sickish Aurelia) at a Gary's, a new friend in San Rafael, whose friendship with Jonathon dates back to high school, who has an entire room (and more) devoted to live, quality musical instruments, particularly percussion instruments. We made Glögg, sipped and jammed, and jammed some more. Toran, who is eight had such a good time; he just wound himself up more and more... he wasn't a bit sleepy when I left a little before 12:30 a.m. How many musician friends do you have that are so patient as to be an island of peace while neighborhood kids and friends loudly bang drums, cymbals and off-key piano notes and electric guitar notes randomly for hours? The genre of music was definitely of a certain era, lots of Grateful Dead, Eagles, and Beatles songs and songbooks tucked everywhere.

Aside from the reveling, New Year's Day has a lot of traditions, but there are a few I enjoy keeping. One philosophy is to do things that set a pattern for the New Year. So although I didn't want to set a pattern of sleeping in, I did. And for breakfast I made fresh local eggs from the farmer's market, homemade biscuits, and used up the last of my 'best' tea, the English Carmel tea that my host sister in Hokkaido sends me. That was to set a pattern for good food, and abundance, having no second thoughts about finishing up special things right now, as more is sure to come! I'll have to get to the store to buy some fresh black eyed peas to eat for good luck, keeping my mother's southern tradition alive, and I'm also going to use a talent that I've been trained to use effectively (intuitive healing) to assist someone in need, setting another positive pattern for the upcoming year. One thing I'm not doing though, is making New Year's resolutions, since these have never been effective for me... have they been for you?

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