Friday, January 04, 2008

Off the deck

These are photos from earlier this morning! It is usually light out at the time I took these. I have roof tiles landing on my deck, and I can see across from my front door missing tiles and tiles sections flopping in the wind from my neighbor's across the street.

Off the deck

I heard from my colleague that there is no power or server at our office in Sausalito and some nearly entrances/exits to Hwy 101 are closed - under water.

Deck furniture blown against the glass doors

My deck furniture was blown across the deck and into a corner by my sliding glass doors by early this morning.

BBQ tools flying in the wind

I took in the most vunerable things a couple nights ago, but I forgot to pull in my BBQ tools, and these were blown off, or flapping in the wind as I took this photo! The power has gone off and on earlier this morning, it seems to have stabilized for the moment in my spot in Mill Valley. I'm glad that I braved the stormy weather Wednesday evening and yesterday morning to pick up some things at the Corte Madera Farmer's Market and San Rafael Farmer's Market, so I don't have to go out.

Here is where you can get sandbags if you need them in Marin (excerpted from the Marin IJ):


Here’s a summary of sand and bag information compiled by Marin County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services, which ad­vises residents to bring their own shovels:

Belvedere: Pre-filled sandbags are available to residents in three large storage boxes at Mallard and Community roads; Lagoon and Maybridge roads; and West Shore Road near No. 80. Call 435-7386.

Corte Madera: Sand and bags available at Fire Station No. 14 on Tamalpais Drive and parking lot at San Clemente Park, Paradise Drive. Residents can turn to local radio station 1330 AM for more information. Call 927-5077.

Fairfax: Sand and bags avail­able in the baseball field parking lot on Elsie Street near Fairfax Pavilion. Call 453-2587.

Larkspur: Sand and bags at Piper Park, 250 Doherty Drive.
Call 927-5017.

Mill Valley: Sand and bags at fire station at 1 Hamilton Drive; bags only at fire station at 26 Corte Madera Ave.; sand available at Old Mill Street and Throckmor­ton Avenue. Call 389-4130.

Novato: All fire stations have bags. The city corporation yard at 500 Davidson has sand and bags.
Call 899-8280.

Ross: Sand and bags at Ross corporation yard; sand and bags at entrance to Natalie Coffin Green Park. For Ross residents only. Call 453-1453.

San Anselmo: Sand and bags available just beyond Red Hill Shopping Center on Sir Francis Drake Boulevard next to the Isabelle Cook tennis courts. Call 258-4600.

San Rafael: Bags only at Fire Station No. 1, 1039 C St.; sand and bags at Fire Station No. 2, 210 Third St.; bags only at Fire Station No. 4, 46 Castro Ave.; sand and bags at Fire Station No. 5, 955 Pt.
San Pedro Road; bags only at Fire Station No. 6, 650 Del Ganado Road; bags only at Fire Station No. 7, 3530 Civic Center Drive.

Sausalito: Sand and bags available to residents and busi­ness owners only at the Sausalito corporation yard at 530 Nevada St. Call 289-4113.

Tiburon: No sand or bags avail­able. Contact local hardware and building supply stores to purchase sandbags. Tiburon has set up a hotline for storm information at 435-7386. Residents can also turn to local radio station 840 AM.

People may also purchase sandbags at their local hardware and building supply stores, which may or may not have sand avail­able. For sand and bags, call Martin Brothers Supply at 388­2025 or Shamrock Materials at 455-1575.

For more information about Marin County Emergency Ser­vices, visit .


Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm Maggie, house-sitting up in the hills of San Anselmo. It is ferocious out there, and I have just now heard the flood horns blowing. I hope downtown San Anselmo isn't going to flood again.

I've got a big tree down in the driveway, and have been clearing drains off and on all morning. I must look funny, because I go out
wearing an oversized yellow slicker, with bare legs and Teva sandals. So far no power outages, but that may just be a matter of time.

Good luck!

Anna Haight said...

Hi Maggie, Yikes! I hope that San Anselmo is going to be missed on the flooding end, but is sure sounds precarious! I'm about to do an update post here. Things are storming, but the winds are slightly better.

Anonymous said...

we've got some minor flodding, so thank you so much for the information about sandbags! Your blog came up on a google search for sandbags!
stay dry and be safe!