Saturday, January 05, 2008

Mikado Sushi

Hidden around a corner.
Where Ming's used to be, Mikado Sushi has set up shop in the Northgate area of San Rafael. I stopped in a few days ago to try their offerings out.

Miso Soup

The meal started with a very rich tasting miso soup. The soy sauce containers were so cute I had to get one in the photo too.

California Roll

Then the California roll came. It was nicely done, using tsurimi as most restaurants do these days. I appreciated that the ginger came decoratively placed to appear like a rose bud.

Vegetarian Bento Box

The boxed items were vegetable tempura, vegetable potstickers and agedashi tofu (coated and deep fried) with a fresh salad. It was more than I could eat, but all items were a standard lunch quality and I enjoyed them. Mikado Sushi had an interesting menu so it is on my list to come back at dinner time and try out some of their specialties.


Anonymous said...

I've been here to and have found this place fairly yummi! Glad to see it included on your blog.

Chef Jeena said...

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