Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday in Mill Valley. Today was a stay at home and catch up on housework/paperwork kind of day... I made a lunch of a lovely fresh organic stacked vegetable dish with all the veggies from Oak Hill Farm I bought yesterday, and for dinner I grilled wild salmon on the deck, with grilled baby artichokes and kinpira gobo (written about at length in an earlier post). Dad seems to want to help so much, and so I have been looking for things he can help with. He was so delighted to even shred a pile of papers for me, said he needs to be able to contribute something in order to feel better about himself. I have to get over the feeling of it being terrible to ask my elderly and convalescing father to do anything, as it seems to be a positive outlet for him. Tomorrow starts week four for Dad and is a long chemo day, so no exciting breakfast out.

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