Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday again. Chemo day.. and extra doctor's appointments, and I had to coordinate my car in the mix. Yes, I've loved my sassy red Prius so much that I've already worn out a set of tires! So I dropped Dad off for the radiation, and zoomed over to SF Toyota for 4 new tires and alignment. They gave me a complimentary rental car, and I zoomed back to the hospital and found parking, and got back in time to lead Dad to the bloodwork room. The car was finished about half-way through the infusion, so it worked for me to return the rental, pick up my car, and meet Dad in the pick-up circle in front of the hosptial. So goes the days of my life right now, but only 9 left of Dad's intensive treatment!

So for dinner I used some left over grilled wild coho salmon and made a fresh pizza with it and capers and mediterranean cheeses as topping to a fresh yeast pizza dough. Grilled artichokes for veggies, and some whole peach sorbet for dessert.

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