Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Dad's 85th Birthday. Dad's first treat was being able to sleep in... then after appointments at USCF, we went to see Happy Endings in Mill Valley and dined at the little French bakery next door, Champagne.

Happy Endings turned out to be a real shocker in the sense of I was expecting something that my 85 year old father could enjoy.... read the SF Chronicle review I read before choosing it:

"Filmmaker Don Roos cares desperately about the confused souls populating his extremely pleasurable and heartfelt new film. He divines the past, present and future of an eclectic group, including Lisa Kudrow as an emotional basket case, Maggie Gyllenhaal as a scam artist and Tom Arnold as the rich guy she's trying to scam. The underrated Arnold is a standout in a large cast without a single misguided performance. It’s not giving anything away to say that this sweet and uplifting film ends happily. "

Quote my Dad: "That film was AWFUL".. the first thing out of his mouth as we left the theater. Later, "Boy, was that an odd film". I'm scringing... sorry Dad. I'm sure he'd never seen the likes of it in his life. It IS a well-crafted film, and it is unique and interesting, but it's really a modern sophisticates film, not an old-fashioned, elderly man's kind of film.

The staff at Champagne made up for it by treating my Dad royally and lighting a candle on his French triple chocolate mousse cake.

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