Thursday, July 28, 2005

Enova. An all natural (not fat substitute) oil that has been enhanced for burning rather than absorbtion properties in the body. This was a Japantown find. Apparently, Kao invented it and it's been licenced here. Have to report use of it later, as I haven't tried it yet. Today I spent working at home and watching Dad, made some hijiki rice and a veggie melt for dinner. Dad wanted to see a comedy, so we watched a TERRIBLE film on On Demand Cable, Super Troopers. It was really not worth the time, but Dad got a few chuckles when he wasn't being appalled.

I also did some evening exploring of a new webservice introduced to me by my friend Cliff. It looks really fun, and just up my socially inclined alley.. see Bay Area Link Up. I think anyone can find an interest to follow and meet new friends there!

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