Friday, July 22, 2005

Rigolo. A darling French cafe on California in Laurel Village. The offerings are very French style, and it has an ambient charm. Dad had the French toast which was a little round of brioche permeated with egg and softly baked surrounded by a fruit compote. He raved. I tried the Croque Madam, which was a brioche topped with prosciutto, bechamel and guyere and a fried egg with fresh fruit as a side (choice of potatoes, breakfast meat or fruit). They serve breakfast and lunch as well. You order from the counter and wait while they cook... Rigolo means "a little funny" in French, but there's nothing funny about their delicious offerings.

Dad was feeling so chipper, he decided to go home for the weekend. So we stopped and had dinner at a charming place "Tador of Spain" in San Rafael. It's a tapas place so new I can't find reviews anywhere. I enjoyed trying a white sangria with the tastes.

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