Sunday, July 03, 2005

Non-food items! Believe it or not, my favorte household chore (now do note that I don't consider cooking a chore) is clothes washing! A couple of my favorite products are:

Shout® Color Catcher™: Using these sheets really does prevent a lot of color seepage into other clothes and the clothes are brighter! I buy them by the case!

Linen water: There are any number of good brands or off brands that work well. I have found Ross or Marshall's to have a lot of inexpensive ones. You can probably make these yourself with a little essential oil dispersed in water. One of my brand favorites is L'Occitane's Verbena linen water. The clothes come out of the washer with a fresher more unique scent than many of the commercial laundry products leave. I use non-scented detergent, then scent with my favorites.

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