Saturday, July 23, 2005

Mt. Tamalpais. A free day to myself! And what do I do? Fill it with friends, or a friend. After some creative photography sessions, Daniel and I went to the very top of Mt. Tamalpais, with a stop at my favorite picnic area. Going to the very top meant climbing rocks like a goat, but the view is well worth it. I had to take a photo of the elevation, and of some flowers placed on my car that Daniel rescued from the side of a cliff. We stayed until nearly sunset... see one of the photos I took from the top:

We lingered so long because of the breathtaking beauty, and watching the fog roll in... there was an interesting effect of one of the fingers that came through the Golden Gate first - a little leader piece appeared in the form of an angel at the head of Angel Island, wispily, and then broke up.

We missed timing for dinner, but went to see a movie that had it's world premier last night at the "Lark" in Larkspur. The film was a work of love and only cost $25K to film. "The Aviary" was very refreshing and original. And now I need some refreshment, so I'm off to Zzzland.

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