Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Routine with surprises. Toran and Aurelia are just so cute, I had to post another picture from yesterday's Muir Woods adventure at the left. Dad's treatment was very quick this morning, and he was doing well, so I spent nearly a normal schedule at work. We didn't try any new things, I cooked at home making him a mini-quiche (frozen) for breakfast and some spelt linguine with broccoli, onions and ham for dinner (left over linguine freshened up). I spoke at length to my Aunt Dorothy, now 90 years old, and packing up boxes to move from Yakima to Sequim to be closer to her grandsons and son-in-law. Good timing as she's moving over the weekend, and I got her new address/phone #. She repeated to me that she's adopting me as a daughter now since we're both 'orphans' in the sense that my Mom's gone and her daughter's gone and we've been like family since before I was born. It's even more of a complex relationship than that, but enough for this post. Found out a friend has been diagnosed with breast cancer, a plague in Marin to be sure. We're in a great circle of women who hang together so I hope she'll find comfort in our friendship and varied life experiences we've all had of the tough as well as the fun.

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