Sunday, November 04, 2007

Saylor's South

A great combo.
I was mourning the departure of Saylor's Landing, and it's eclectic and delectable menu choices. Since Saylor's South is just down the street from where I spend most of my days working, I come here relatively often (more often than I blog it). Stopping in for a quick lunch last week I found that Saylor's South has expanded its menu to include old favorites on the Saylor's Landing menu! It's also been renamed to "Saylor's Restaurant and Bar". I've reviewed it one or two times before on the blog. Saylor's also has a private room upstairs called the "Cabo Wabo" room and has added live music on weekends. The private room seats up to 40, and has a $25 per guest minimum charge with a minimum of 2o people. A gratuity of 20% is also automatically added to the tab. At lunch it's the same with a $15 per person minimum.

Chicken Tostada

This post combines a couple of visits. First up is a lunchtime chicken tostada. This had succulent white meat strips atop a typical corn tortilla covered beans, lettuce and avocado. It also had a soft white cheese sprinkled on top and a sour cream topping. It was accompanied by rice and beans. I thoroughly enjoyed this lunch.

Osso Bucco

Another visit I tried one of the daily specials, Osso Buco, a braised veal shank. The meat was fabulously tender, having been slow cooked about two hours. It had all the flavor of the osso buco I used to enjoy in an upscale Italian restaurant in Washington DC, but at half the price! Yes, the presentation at the other place was more formal and fancy, but if you are looking for good chow that is a little more homey, don't' miss this! Osso Buco literally means 'hole bone' in Italian, which is the origin of the dish (Milan), and was named this because having the marrow as part of the dish was part of the appeal. Osso buco is an every Friday special.

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