Wednesday, November 14, 2007

P.F. Chang's

New Chinese on the block. P.F. Chang's (yes, a chain) opened a new location in Corte Madera on Monday. Having enjoyed their food when in other parts of the country, I decided to stop in and see how this location measures up.

Shrimp dumplings

We started with their steamed shrimp dumplings. These were served quickly, and piping hot and we would definitely order these tasty morsels again.

Grilled prawns with garlic noodles

The next two came out in quick succession. First the grilled prawns with garlic noodles arrived. The prawns were extra large and succulent!

Tofu and vegetables with peanuts in coconut curry sauce

Next came the Tofu and Vegetable with Peanuts in a Coconut Curry sauce. Again, a winner for its fresh and cooked crisp vegetables and smooth pairing with the sauce. Dad particularly liked this one. Although only two days open at the time we went, the service was friendly and flawless and the food was great.


Zoomie said...

I love their Lettuce Wraps, too - messy but oh, so good!

Anonymous said...

Like your site. But I don't know how anyone can stand the overly salty food at PFChang's!

I'm actually having a hard time finding great Chinese in Marin.

Anonymous said...

I remember going there and the food was delicious!