Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Staying power with good food fresh and fast.
My friend Jo-Ann introduced me a year or so ago to a good Chinese place in San Rafael, Ping's Mandarin Restaurant which as been around since 1993. Since we were in the neighborhood, Dad and I stopped in for lunch the other day.

Hot & Sour Soup

The soup of the day was Hot & Sour; it was fine. (I don't like Hot & Sour in general, so I can't wax eloquent about this one).

Chicken with Mixed Vegetables

Dad enjoyed the Vegetable Deluxe Chicken. And he enjoyed it the following day too - such generous portions, and it was very fresh. As you can see it was also made with chicken breast, which gets my vote.

Beef with Baby Bok Choy and Black Mushrooms

I tried the Beef with Black Mushrooms and Baby Bok Choy. It was also very good with tender beef slices, baby bok choy with 'bite', and smooth intensely flavored mushrooms. The lunch specials also came with a crab bite appetizer and fried rice (you can also have noodles or plain rice). This is a family-friendly place, and there are often special coupons arriving in your mailbox, so keep watch and try it out if you have a craving for Chinese.

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