Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caffe DiVino

Nice Touches.
I stopped by Caffe DiVino for lunch last week; the last time I was there was for a very nice breakfast with Dad back in 2005. This Italian-inspired cafe bakes its focaccia fresh every day, along with its soup of the day.

Mint water

The foccacia was lovely, and I was delighted to see the touch of fresh mint in the water served to everyone.

Minestrone Soup

Each entree has a choice of soup or salad, so I chose the freshly made soup. I was surprised at the size as it was more of a bowl than the cup that I expected. (The menu is silent on the size). This minestrone was so good it could easily be eaten on its own with the focaccia for a full lunch!

Mushroom Lasagne

I ordered the vegetarian mushroom lasagne as my entree. It was chock full of porcini and portabello mushrooms with a creamy bechamel sauce. The sauce had separated a bit, and a clear yellow oil was floating in spots on top of the lasagne. I don't think this is supposed to happen, and it was just a bit too rich and oily for me. Perhaps it was the cheese that weeped the oily spots. At any rate, the four or five bites I was able to eat tasted great. It was just VERY heavy. As I walked out, I saw lots of fresh looking salads and artful sandwiches so I would definitely come back and try one of these.

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