Thursday, November 08, 2007

Lanna Thai

Set back from a busy street.
Lanna Thai is a quiet oasis on one of the busier streets in Marin county. On Sir Francis Drake Blvd. in San Anselmo, the main way to and from Fairfax, one wouldn't guess what a airy and fresh decor it has. One of the nicer touches are the liberal use of flowers through out the restaurant, some in big vases and you also see many flower heads floating in big bowls of water throughout the space.


There are a number of good choices on the lunch menu, and most are preceded by this lovely salad.

Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Eggplant with Chicken and Brown Rice

In my case, the salad was followed by a combination lunch special, vegetarian spring rolls and a stir fry of eggplant with chicken and herbs, accompanied by brown rice. As you can see, it was artfully arranged, and included some fresh fruit. It was a lovely lunch, and a recommendable place.

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