Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bay Thai Cuisine

Thai to die for! Now here's a tiny treasure with cheap eats. Dad, Daniel & I met at Bay Thai Cuisine for lunch the other day, and went out sockless (it knocked our socks off!). Cash only, but that's fine if you're prepared. The staff and owner are friendly, and eager to get the spicing just to your taste.

Hot Stuff

And if it isn't quite hot enough, on every table there is a homemade jalepeno sauce and chili flakes at the ready.

Beef & Broccoli

Dad had the beef and broccoli, and said it was great. Evidently since there was not so much as a grain of rice left on his plate!

Yellow Curry

I ordered the yellow curry with chicken, Thai pumpkin and other veggies, and requested a heat level between mild and medium. The seasonings were done to perfection, and its not often that I spoon the sauce directly into my mouth like a soup! This was superb! And the brown rice did not require an extra charge.

Minced Pork with steamed veggies and silver noodles

They really went all out in customizing a pork dish so that Daniel could eat it on his special no-carbs diet. They sauteed the pork slices and place them atop steamed veggies, replacing the usually cabbage in the dish. Silver noodles, rather than rice were provided as a side since they are very low-carb, being made out of mung bean sprouts. Daniel was quite impressed and said that it is better than any Thai food he's tried in Berkeley. It may be tiny (the kitchen and dining room are equal in size), but it packs a punch!

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