Thursday, November 01, 2007


More family.
While I was in Louisville (just landed in fact) my cousin Darwin's wife, Tamara called me to let me know she was coming into town -- luckily she stayed long enough for me to get back from Louisville and enjoy meeting her on Halloween night. I thought Enrico's might have something fun going on, so I made a reservation there.

Tamara Heath & Sachiko Okamoto

Luckily, a friend Sachiko was also available and coincidentally, Tamara also lived in Japan for awhile so we all had some cultural interests in common. Tamara works for Hertz and is visiting here for training from Bothell (north of Seattle), where she and Darwin have a lovely stucco home with cows. Not the kind you milk, but the kind you eat. They enjoy having 'grown' their own steaks and of course their cows eat the best food and aren't treated with antibiotics.

Veronica Klaus

The staff at Enrico's all had fabulous Halloween costumes, and the jazz singer, Vernoica Klaus had a silky smooth voice and great stage presence. Veronica sings at Enrico's every Tuesday, and is well worth a special trip to enjoy.


We started with a Fritti Misto for the table. It had shrimp, calamari, zucchini and lemon slices. The lemon slices were a taste sensation!

Apple sausage Pizza

Tamara had the chicken apple sausage pizza with gruyere and oregano. It looked great, and Tamara looked like she was enjoying it.

Port Tenderloin

Sachiko went with the charred port tenderloin with baby carrots and balsamic rum. She gave me a taste. It was fabulous!

Chicken Cesaer on Flatbread

Craving something on the lighter side, I tried the chicken Caesar on flatbread. It was really good with moist chicken breast atop the fresh and crisp romaine over a crisp and peppery flatbread. It was certainly a winning combo that I would repeat.

Brownie and Ice Cream

The finale was the warm chocolate fudge brownie with espresso ice cream and caramel sauce, and three spoons. It was smooth yum. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and this place is a sure winner for both great food and good ambiance/entertainment. You know I'll be back.

And Happy Birthday to my former college roommate - Nellie!


Unknown said...

Hello Anna! It was such a great night on Halloween! I'm so glad you had fun and enjoyed the show-- ;^)

Come back any Tuesday night to Enrico's--I'll be there singing my heart out!

Veronica Klaus
ps. I'd like to ask your permission to keep the photo you took of me from your table if I might?

Anna Haight said...


You are welcome to use it! If you would send me an e-mail, I send you another one that was pretty good as well. My e-mail is Anna AT annalou DOT com. Thanks for a marvelous evening!