Thursday, May 07, 2009

Thai Restaurants in Marin

photo credit: istockphoto

Well I managed to do it again, that is visit all the Thai restaurants in Marin at least once. Marin is fortunate to have a large number of very good Thai restaurants. I last summarized a list of reviews on November 26, 2008. Links to reviews on this blog, or other information about the restaurants appears organized by city below.

Thai Restaurants I've discovered

Corte Madera
Tub Tim Thai

Siam Lotus

Thepmonggon Thai On The Bay

R'Noh Thai
Tha Siam

Mill Valley

Thep Lela

Chao Praya
Thai Bistro

San Anselmo
Lanna Thai Restaurant
Orchid Thai

San Rafael
Bankok Thai Express
Bay Thai Cuisine
Citrus & Spice
My Thai
Royal Thai Restaurant
Signature Thai
Thai Smile

Arawan Thai Cuisine
Kitti's Place
Thai Terrace

Other Greater Bay Area Thai places I've reviewed

San Francisco
Be My Guest

East Bay
Da Nang

Rins Thai

Thailand Thai Cuisine


Zoomie said...

Anna, what a gorgeous photo! Did you take it? I haven't seen a klong boat like that in 30 years - and filled with colorful produce! Really lovely.

Anna Haight said...

I wish! Sometimes I splurge and purchase a professional photo from This was one of those tines. And it inspires me to want to visit - I've never been to Thailand.

Zoomie said...

My mother brought us a small version of a klong boat years ago when she went to Thailand. We loaded it on to the roof of my 1959 Hillman car and took it to the beach in Japan where had a blast trying to learn how to paddle it - they are very tippy! Some Japanese kids joined us for some rocky fun, memories I had forgotten until I saw this photo. Thanks!

Anna Haight said...

How very cool Zoomie!