Friday, May 01, 2009

I loved my dinner!

Tiburon Grill

And it was a bargain too. At loose ends, I decided to do a spin around Tiburon last night, enjoy the view and find something for dinner. I'd heard that the Three Degrees has been replaced by the Tiburon Grill, so it seemed a logical choice. Lucky me walked in during the "Happy Hour" which lasts from 4-7 every day, and all day on Sundays. How lucky, well all the *'d items on the menu are half-price, and there is quite a variety of those items to choose from!


I had heard that the restaurant had become more comfort food/value item oriented, and the menu reflected that. In line with that theme, soon after I ordered a Mason jar with breadsticks arrived, accompanied by a delicious dip of ricotta and Parmesan cheese layered with pesto and balsamic vinegar. It was a great start!

Garden Burger

And the Garden Burger with Sweet Potato Fries that came next had me exclaiming how beautiful it was to the waitress as soon as it arrived. It was SO colorful and had thoughtful touches such as red onion that had a special slightly pickled taste. I couldn't stuff the avocado in and still be able to get my mouth around it, so it was a side. The sweet potato fries were actually made with sweet potatoes (lighter yellow color) rather than yams (orange) which was a nice surprise as well. The contrast of the hot patty with the cool lettuce and tomato was perfect too. It was simply delicious! And for the Happy Hour $6, quite a bargain. This is also a kid friendly place with enough menu choices to please a family with divergent tastes.

Tiburon Grill Menu

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Zoomie said...

Looks like a great place for these hard economic times.