Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sonoma in the fall

Rins Thai

Yesterday I drove through the beautiful fall colors of Sonoma, the vines were turning yellow, and trees had color too. I was on my way to meet Linda for lunch at Rins Thai, a favorite meeting spot of ours, and have my hair cut. And I had my new Cybershot tucked away in my purse.

Sonoma Fall Scene

Sonoma was very busy, belying the grim economic news. Perhaps everyone just feels like shopping again with all the positivity surrounding the election results. I had to park some distance from Rins Thai, and it was close to a little creek with a border of still happily blooming flowers.


My phone was playing tricks, so while I shopped in the bookstore waiting for Linda's return call, she had called twice, and my phone neither rang nor registered her voicemail! Bookstores are still dangerous places for me -- I picked up another cookbook while there, "660 Curries". I connected with Linda and she was enjoying some warming soup when I arrived. We enjoyed some pot sticker appetizers, and the hostess kindly made three pork (outer ones) and three vegetarian ones (inner ones).

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

We also had some Fresh Vegetarian Salad Rolls, so fresh and crunchy inside wrapped in soft rice wrappers.

Shrimp Pad Thai

Then the Shrimp Pad Thai arrived, which was well seasoned and the shrimp tasted fresh and tender. Rins Thai is a cozy place that has consistently served good Thai food over time.

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Shelley said...

Rin's Thai is the best!!! :) Isn't Sonoma just gorgeous in the fall? Well, always, really!