Tuesday, November 04, 2008

How to use a little dab


Sunday my friend with their cute kids, Toran & Aurelia came over for dinner and fun. Besides the main dish of Channa Baigan Takari (Eggplant & Chickpea Takari), I made some appetizers, including a clam dip that had been an earlier hit. The clam dip is just too easy, mix in a package of shelled whole baby clams into 8 oz of whipped cream cheese. There you have it. And there was just a dab of the dip left over. How to use that dab took my thoughts to happy times in Seattle where I often met my friends Hank, Kathleen and their daughter Stephanie at a wonderful restaurant called Arrowhead for brunch. Arrowhead has, I believe, since been swallowed up by a new building in its place, but it was near Lake Union, across the lake from where I lived, and just down the road from where my friends lived on a boat, on the same lake. Arrowhead had fantasic frittatas, and I recalled that they put dabs of seafood mixed in cream cheese in their some of their signature frittatas. So that's what I did with the dab of leftover clam dip. The recipe? Loosely, in a frying pan saute chunks of fresh green pepper, add sliced black olives, then beaten eggs, then drop the dip in dollops over the top. Cook a little on the stove top, then move to the oven, and when set, add some grated cheese to the top and melt. Dad approved.

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