Friday, November 07, 2008

Easy dinner

Dover sole and butternut squash

On the way home I picked up some fresh Dover sole and an organic butternut squash. I also take a short cut to salad by picking up some toppings from the salad bar to liven up the organic lettuce I have at home. I made some garlic bread with sourdough bread to enjoy with the green salad, and then served the main course as above. I just rinsed the sole fillets, dredged them in flour and dill, then pan fried until opaque. The butternut squash I sliced in half lengthwise and baked for 40 minutes, until soft, then took it out of its skin, added some butter, mashed and kept it warm in the oven while I made the sole. Usually for casual dinners I just serve pieces of the butternut squash in its skin, but Dad has been having some problems enjoying it that way and forgetting how to do it without eating the tough skin, thus the more refined version.

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John said...

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds terrific!

A little recommendation, I found these to be so delicious and useful in my kitchen: