Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude

First of all
Happy Thanksgiving!

And how appropriate that the post for today is about a visit with a friend and fellow food blogger, Catherine from Albion Cooks, at Cafe Gratitude in San Rafael. We had been planning this get together for weeks, and it finally rolled around.

We Are Bountiful

We Are Bountiful started us off on an evening of gratitude. The sampler plate included a variety of live crackers and breads with soft cashew cheese, spicy hummus, black and green olive tapenade, and vine ripened tomato with basil and garlic. We were greatful!

I Am Festive

Catherine found the "I Am Festive" fitting and seemed to enjoy every bite. It is a kind of taco salad using crumbled walnut seed taco filling as the 'meat', and cashew nacho cheese as another vegan substitute.

I Am Briliant

I Am Brilliant tempted me away from the regular menu. It was one of the special dishes, made with cooked beans, rice, cashew cheese and other delights with a MOUND of the freshest green salad on the side. It was good, and it was one of the few dishes offered which contained cooked goods in this raw and vegan restaurant. Catherine and I had a great time and I was grateful for our getting together even more than for the delicious and inventive food. I also always feel 'clearer' and more enlivened after eating a meal here, a very potent reason for continuing to find my way back.

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