Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tucked away and good

Signature Thai

I was in the mood for Thai food one evening while gallivanting around San Rafael, and remembered Signature Thai was a tasty place I hadn't visited in awhile. And it's tucked away on a rather quiet street.

Curry Puffs

The specials menu had an intriguing dish "Curry Puffs" described as crispy sticky rice with curry. I was imagining something like a pastry filled with crispy rice mixed with curry - NOT! These were more like Thai empanadas. Vegetarians - beware. There was nothing about meat listed in the description, however from the best that I can tell, there were potatoes, and finely ground pork and minced chicken with curry inside. Very different than what I imagined. The wrappers were more crisp than would be expected of regular wheat pastry, or even rice leaves. I am thinking that the wrappers were made of sticky rice, and the curry referred to the filling mixture. The sauce was peanut with some spice! It went very well with the Curry Puffs. This appetizer was VERY good, but far from vegetarian. I asked the waiter what was in them, and he replied that he didn't know as his mother makes them. I also noticed a young man sitting and studying, and he popped up to serve customers when it started getting busier. Obviously a family run restaurant.

Massaman Curry

I decided to try something that looked a little different, Massaman Curry as the main course. It was described as "Our different style of brown curry sauce, this reflects the Southern Thailand influence with cashew nuts, potatoes, pineapple chunks, carrots and onions." Wow, another peanut based and spicy sauce. It was great! The service was prompt and friendly and it is a recommendable place to dine.

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