Saturday, October 24, 2009

A top ten

Sushi Ran

A few weeks (months?) ago, a comment was left encouraging me to make a top 10 list for Marin restaurants. She said she was moving to our fair county, and this would help her in transitioning. I mulled it over a lot (obviously). I find it problematic, since there are a lot of good restaurants in Marin, and the 'best' can depend on your mood, formal or casual, etc. However, I can say that when someone asks me about the 'best' restaurant in Marin, I know I do not steer them wrong when I send them to Sushi Ran in Sausalito.

Miso Soup

One sunny day, I decided it would be my lunch destination. Pretty much whatever your lunch choice, a delicious bowl of miso soup precedes it.

Vegetarian Bento Box

When I saw that there was a Vegetarian Bento Box Lunch on the menu, I couldn't pass it up. From the left it includes, snap pea, fermented black bean & basil, grilled tofu (seemed to be a miso/sesame sauce on it), and a salad including cucumber, takuan (yellow radish pickle) and gobo (burdock root). It was accompanied by some rice I didn't get in the photo. It was all tasty and inventive as I'd expected. It was light, more like a model's lunch than a working woman's.

Tempura Squash

So I overdid it a bit and ordered two more add-ons. The first was a squash tempura. It was made with kabocha I believe and it was great. And filling. This would be lovely to share as an appetizer or accompaniment to a dinner.

Egg Nigiri Sushi

I finished with some tamago (egg) nigiri sushi. It tasted great, and there was something just a little different about their rendition of the egg. I asked and was told that chicken stock is used rather than dashi in the ingredients. Ah ha! It was tasty! There are cheaper places to eat good Japanese food in Marin, however, if you want a real treat or don't want to chance it, you can't miss with Sushi Ran.

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Critical: 3
Noncritical: 1

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