Monday, October 12, 2009

Grass fed beef!

Wheezy's Menu

I was near the "coming soon" Weezy's Burgers the other day and noted a menu has gone up. Grass fed Beef Burgers $2?! Gardenburger! It's a simple menu, but if those grass fed burgers taste good, this place will have quite the following. I'm excited! I might even have to try one of these ecologically better burgers.

Camoflage Limo

In the same shopping center I did a double take when I saw a camouflaged limo sitting in the parking lot. I've never seen anything like this in Marin before!


kudzu said...

Maybe that exotic vehicle belongs to Cookiecrumb and Cranky -- they live nearby! (heh)

Anna Haight said...

That's it!

Anonymous said...

This is Louise of Weezy's grass fed shed! Thank you so much for the pre-opening review. We are now OPEN and business has been excellent, today is day 8. Thank you for posting my menu. The MMMMM- burger which is a 2OZ grass fed burger from Prather Ranch has had to jump to $2.25, I tried sooooooo hard to keep the price down but in the few months before opening my original product quotes jumped a little. Our VEGAN burger, the MOO-Less burger has been selling out, which makes me feel that I might be converting some meat eaters, and that is exciting. We also serve a Butter Cup - which is the grass fed burger in a butter lettuce cup, also very popular. Our website will be updated soon, but for a look see go to
All of our packaging is 100% compostable except the soda pop cans that we recycle.
If you come in please introduce yourself... I would love to meet you.
Also that camo- limo has a great backstory, but not proper to print!
will tell....
Louise Clow-Birkenseer

Anna Haight said...

Thanks Louise for the inside scoop! I will be by to try, and I have to be anonymous for that task as I just want to report as a random customer. I of course would like to meet someone who dreamed up such a great place!

Anonymous said...

YUMMMMMMMM!! Perfect little burgers. Perfect fries and sweet potato fries. Earth friendly packaging. AND IT'S IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! I'm a lucky gal! (A few kinks to work out ... but hey ... it's only day 10!) We'll definitely be going back.