Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lovely brunch

Piazza d'Angelo

I was treated to brunch at Piazza d'Angelo in Mill Valley by some good friends one recent Sunday. We had a peaceful corner to ourselves (once the music from a speaker directly overhead was turned down). There were quite a number of delicious-sounding menu items, but we managed to choose.

Wild Mushroom Frittata

Michael and I both chose the Wild Mushroom Frittata. We were being particularly precise about our opinions on the frittata. Michael thought it was a bit thin and overcooked, it could have been made a little fluffier for his taste. Personally, I was looking for the mushrooms. It didn't contain many to carry the moniker "Wild Mushroom Frittata". I thought the addition of the potatoes on the top was particularly decorative.

Pan roasted Trout with capers

Michael's wife ordered the Pan Fried Trout. It looked luscious! She loved it, and we decided it was the best dish at the table.

Roasted Vegetables w/Parmasean

Their older daughter was in the mood for veggies, so ordered a Grilled Vegetable Platter. She asked the waiter for some Parmesan and made quite a tasty and healthy dish for herself.


The younger one thought the Omelette Campagnolo sounded good with its filling of onion, mushrooms, bell peppers, fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella cheese. She asked them to leave out the mushrooms, however it was served with mushrooms when it came. Our waiter was new to the restaurant so was still getting used to things. She just removed them and was ok about it.


Since it was a bit of an occasion we shared a couple of desserts. The first was a feather-light yet creamy Tiramisu. The chocolate shavings on the top gave it an extra air of festivity, and of course we chocolate lovers dove in!

Puff with pineapple cream

The other dessert was an open pastry puff with pineapple flavored cream. There were small chunks of pineapple in the filling. It was light and sweetly satisfying. I was having difficulty with getting a good shot of this without shadows, so Michael took the photo on my camera from a different angle. Although there were some glitches in our service, having been here many times it was definitely the exception and I would not hesitate to come here again for delicious Italian food.

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