Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jahn Tohng Reincarnated!


I literally did a quick double take and quick turn around when I saw the sign saying Calgang a.k.a Jahn Tohng was open in Northgate One in San Rafael. I was very impressed with Jahn Tohng (Jahn Thong) when it was open in the nearby Northgate Mall, but it disappeared in the rennovations and I feared it would not open again. But there it was, and it was lunch time!


The three item combo is a bit more expensive than it was in the food court days ($9.50 vs $7.50), however it is in a sparkly new and more upscale place. The combo starts with a salad, and then three items of your choice comes with rice.

Pah Loh, Crispy Taro Root Balls, MeeSiam

I chose Crispy Taro Balls with a chili sweet and sour sauce, MeeSiam and Pah Loh. All dishes which I've never had before. The crispy taro balls were like potato straw haystacks with a taro taste finish. These were quite crispy indeed, and paired well with the sauce. The MeeSiam was sauteed think rice noodles with bean sprouts and vegetables which was in a light coconut curry sauce. I loved it. And the Pah Loh was over the top! This five spices stew with tofu and shitake also had daikon radish and a very light spicy broth. It reminded me of a Japanese dish, Oden, but with a clearer broth and a very nice spicing. I would choose it again in a heartbeat.

Close up

The staff was so gracious and service was impeccable. I look forward to future visits, blogged or not.

Restaurant Inspection Results

Calgang has not yet been inspected.

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Anne said...

Anna - Thanks for reviewing this. It sounded so good that my mother and I went for lunch yesterday. I had almost the same combo you had except that I had the Param with tofu instead of the MeeSiam.. Very yummy. Everything was very tasty, and I loved the salad. My mother had the chicken sate, which she said was just as good as ever. I always ate at their place in Northgate, so I'm very happy to have them back, and in a beautiful and peaceful setting!