Sunday, October 11, 2009


Marshall South 2

I can't believe it's already been a week since I took a slow drive with my father up the coast of West Marin, all the way to Petaluma. And no, the above photo is not of Tomales, but it was taken by the road just south of Marshall.

Marshall South

So was this one. It was a glorious day, wasn't it?

William Tell

I thought I would post some store fronts in Tomales as it is a bit remote, and I don' t know how quickly I'll be getting by there to review the eating places in this location. When we arrived in Tomales, we just weren't hungry because we'd had a BIG breakfast, which I'll tell you about another day. I was standing downhill from the William Tell House, where 'Italian Dinners' are advertised. William Tell House serves dinner only.

Tomales Bakery

Across the street, and apparently popular with bikers, is the Tomales Bakery. It opens at 7 a.m. and closes - 'when we run out'. Looks like a good place for a wake up pastry!

Tomales Deli + Cafe

Next to it is the Tomales Deli + Cafe. There is a full breakfast menu here! This place seems popular with pedalers and motorbikers alike. The day was beautiful, and we continued up the coast until we found ourselves in rural Petaluma, at which point we headed back home. It was a wonderfully relaxing day, just following the coast and the waves.

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