Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home cooked meal

Garden Tomato in olive oil and rice vinegar

I just couldn't bear to go out in traffic again this evening after struggling just a short way home from Sausalito to Mill Valley. That cable snap incident closing the entire Bay Bridge has snarled traffic all over. So I sliced a beautiful red tomato out of my friend Linda's Glen Ellen garden, added E.V.O.O., rice vinegar, salt & pepper and enjoyed it while cooking the next thing.

Mushroom Brie

While stopping at Molly Stone's for some goat milk, there was a man dressed as a chef (was he?) offering samples of a German Brie, double-cream with mushrooms. Oh, it was delightful! A triangle of it slipped in right next to the goat's milk in my cart. I also ended up with a bag of mixed lovely fresh pears.

Potato, red onion and mushroom brie

I thought this creamy brie would make a great topping for my organic potatoes and thought that caramelizing a red onion for it would not be a bad idea either. So as the potato was boiling, I slowly sauteed a cut up organic red onion in E.V.O.O. Placing a layer of sliced cooked potato on my plate, I topped it with a generous amount of the very soft, sweet red onion. I placed some Champignon Brie slices on top of it all, and microwaved for about a minute. Dessert was a naked fresh pear. I'm glad I stayed home!

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Food Muse said...

This makes my mouth water. What a simple and delicious meal.