Sunday, March 22, 2009

Middle East/Mediterranean

Moroccan Market (credit: iStockphoto)

The number of restaurants in a single definition "Persian" seem to be dwindling in Marin County, so rethinking the category, it seemed time to update the name to be more inclusive. Pondering the name, I did a little research and found there are a number of overlays that would be more inclusive of restaurants with a Near/Middle/Greater Middle East, North African or Mediterranean flavor. The term Mediterranean seems to have some popularity as a self-appellation in the Marin food scene as well as Middle East, so I go with those as the new title.

I don't have all the distinctions between the cuisines, but if I know that there is a particular area that the restaurant is emphasizing, I'll put that in parenthesis beside it. If you have information about a restaurant I've left off or mislabeled, please write a comment. Happy eating!

Those I have tried

Fair Fix Cafe (Middle Eastern selections)

Mill Valley
Asqew (Fusion)
Cafe del Soul (Fusion)
Dipsea (Falafel Burger, Greek Salad, Gyros)
Rain Tree Cafe (Mediterranean Menu)
Shelter Bay Cafe (Lunch selections)
Strawberry Gourmet Delicatessen (Mediterranean selections)

Sam's Place (Falafel available)
The Garden (Mediterranean)

San Anselmo
Bubba's Diner (Gyros)
Insalata's (Mediterranean/Middle East)

San Rafael
Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers (Falafel available)
Cafe Gratitude (Raw Mediterranean selections)
Crepevine (Mediterranean selections)
Falafel Hut (Middle Eastern)
Hanna's (Italian/Mediterranean)
Hatam Perisan Kabab House (Persian)
Rumi (Persian)
West End Cafe (Middle Eastern selections)

Bridgeway Cafe (American with Persian options)
Louie's Deli Cafe (Mediterranean selections)

Those yet to discover

Chad's Grill & Garden Cafe (Falafel Pita available at lunch)


Hatam (Persian & Mediterranean)
Jasmine Market (Mediterranean & Persian)

Greater Bay Area

La Mediterranee (Berkeley)
Tajine (San Francisco)

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