Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Very unique food from the Yucatecan


I finally caught Yucachubis when it was open! It is the restaurant that opens in the evenings at what is Theresa and Johnny's during the day.

Chips & Salsa

Feather light and crisp tortillas with salsa appear nearly immediately as Dad and I are deciding among the intriguing choices. We are informed the fish dish is not available, so start narrowing in on the vegetarian choices.


Dad is really taken by the description of Kibis: Hand rolled cracked wheat stuffed with seasoned ground beef, tomato and onion, served with sour cream and red onion sauce. So we order one non-vegetarian dish. He enjoyed these and said they had an interesting texture.

Brazo de Reyna

I was intrigued by a dish called Brazo de Reyna: Corn maza with pumpkin seeds, swiss chard, eggs served with red onion and tomato sauce. I shared with Dad as these were filling.

Brazo de Reyna inside view

Here's an inside view of the way those fillings are layered. Although listed as an appetizer, these are really hearty so make a filling main order. I liked the taste too.


I ended up making a return visit by myself a few nights later where I chose another appetizer as a main dish. These Polcanes were tasty indeed, not to mention filling.

Polcanes inside view

I cut these in two so the interior is visible as well. These deep fried polcanes are stuffed with pumpkin seeds and white beans served topped with tomato sauce and cheese and sitting on a bed of lettuce. The service was prompt and kind. I had a throbbing headache when I arrived, and the owner kept coming by to check on me an refill my cup of strong coffee. Between the food and coffee my headache was gone and I just have a lingering memory of good food and great service. If you like unique things, you'll likely enjoy this casual dining place.

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Shelley said...

That all looks delicious!! A must try, for sure.