Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Generous portions

Mikado Sushi

Dad and I were near San Rafael's Northgate Mall the other day, and decided to stop in and have a Japanese lunch at Mikado Sushi. We were greeted warmly and immediately shown to a comfortable spot to sit.

Miso Soup & Salad

Rather than go with the bento option, we decided to try other lunch menu options. These came with a hot and tasty miso soup and fresh green salad.

Seafood Tempura

I decided to try the Seafood Tempura. I was totally bowled over! This is definitely a dish meant to split with another person. Multiple pieces of salmon, a calamari ring, crab, shrimp and a generous amount of vegetables made this $10.95 lunch an incredible value. Definitely share this, I just couldn't eat even half.

Oyako don

Dad had the oyako donburi, which was also a large serving. He was able to eat more of it than I my tempura, but he left a lot of the bed of rice behind. He said he liked the flavors. Oyako don is an egg and simmered chicken and onion dish served over steamed rice.

Californa Roll

The only misstep in this lunch was that our California Roll ordered as an appetizer, came after the hot dishes. It still tasted good. My recommendation is bring a friend and share here!

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