Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cheerful breakfast


Dad and I stopped by Toast in Mill Valley for a quick and cheerful breakfast.

Bolinas Omelet

I had a delicious Bolinas omelet, which had spinach and wild mushrooms inside. The potatoes were interestingly like hashbrowns, but not grated. The texture was of soft smushed potatoes fried on each side like hashbrowns. Different and good. The toast slice was quite thick and it had a nice 'bite' to it.

Eggs 'N' a Nest

Dad wanted to try the special "Eggs 'N' a Nest", where the eggs were cooked inside pieces of toast. He kept forgetting that the egg was inside and picking the toast up in his hand. Luckily, as it cooked, the egg stuck to the round edges of the hole in the bread, so although you could see it jiggle, it stayed intact. Whew. Each time I pointed out the egg inside, he would exclaim "Hey! That's neat!"

I hear their second location just opened up in Novato, in Hamilton Square. If it's anything like this cozy and friendly spot, they'll have a winner!

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Zoomie said...

What fun! I used to make your Dad's eggs (we called them "egg in a frame" with my Fairy Godchildren. Haven't seen them in years!